Thursday, February 12, 2015

Homemade chocolate box for valentines...

I am trying my best to make as many presents in 2015 as possible. It saves a little bit of money, it's fun and satisfying and for what little money you do spend you definitely get more bang for your buck than if you'd just gone out and bought the finished thing!

So for valentines I decided to make some chocolates for my beloved. I've made truffles before but this time I treated myself to some silicone chocolate moulds to make the finished article a bit professional looking!  They were only a few pounds each, take a look on eBay, there are tonnes of different designs, I got  a plain round one and one that was described as robots but they are most definitely lego men!

The finished selection. 

These are Oreo truffles, I got the recipe from and they were really easy to put together and dee pinched one out of the fridge as they were setting and proclaimed they were the most delicious thing he'd ever tasted so high praise indeed!

Next up were salted caramel chocolates which I finished off with my favourite gold food spray which makes anything look fancy! These were just melted dark chocolate (from lidl - 35p a bar!) put in the mould and set in the fridge and then I melted some chomps with a little butter and added a teaspoon of sea salt, put that in the chocolate mould and set again then topped with more dark chocolate.  I didn't have enough caramel mixture to fill them all so I improvised and made some peanut cups too 

The peanut cups.

Finally I made some white chocolate and cranberry lego men/ robots. This was just melted white chocolate and some blitzed cranberries mixed in. I had some mixture left over so I set it in some mini bun cases, no point wasting it ;-)

All in all I reckon I spent £10 (£5 of which was for the moulds which I can use again) and it took me less than an hour. So pretty chuffed with the result!

I packaged them up in a left over box from my Christmas cookies (79p for two in home bargains!) and I think they look pretty fancy indeed!

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