Thursday, September 4, 2014

Island Hill...

One sunny day last week Sarah, George and I decided to take a quick trip to Island Hill.  I hadn't been in ages and thought it would be nice to go for a bit of a walk as George definitely sleeps better at night when we've been out for a walk.

It was very sunny but there was a chilly breeze blowing - we had to tuck George's blanket well in so it didn't blow away!

Blue skies..

Me trying to be vaguely glamorous while wearing my head scarf to try and keep the wind out of my ears - I always get sore ears when its windy!

We hadn't bothered checking the tide tables before we left and the tide was very far in when we arrived, which looked lovely...

...but meant that we couldn't actually walk on the path!

Waves crashing over the path.

Selfie with my new camera.

You can just see the water breaking over the path out to the island in this photo.  Lesson learned  - must check the tide tables next time we go!

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